Hung out on a roof and painted this in the sunshine. Paintings in the background by: Malarky, Shok 1, Remi Rough, Ronzo, Pure Evil, GCAK.

Big thanks to Rich Hendry/ The Great Eastern Bear gallery, Nick JS Thompson for the photos, GSL.

Video to come soon but in the meantime GIFFFFFF

[Nothing Is More Real Than Nothing - Solo Show #3 - Italy]

Recently I had my third solo show 'Nothing is more real than nothing' in Italy.

Most of the artworks were made from electrical tape but here are some of the artworks that weren't.

SevenYears of Sketchboooks

This Friday I'll be cutting up all my sketchbooks from the last seven years and exhibiting the pages at Hoxton Gallery for all to see. 
See you there

[When Mac met Cheese]

EVERYONE GET TO WHEN MAC MET CHEESE IN WEST LONDON. Their mac and cheese is seriously the best thing ever. Better than Shoreditch House.
When they asked me to paint their walls I pretty much dropped everything and did it because I love their mac and cheese so much.

[Tape Commission]

Got commissioned to draw someones portrait with electrical tape whilst in Italy.

[Italy Street Taping]

Street tape artwork I did during my recent trip to Italy. Most of it was done during the night but ran out of time and had to go back in the day.


Other tape artworks around Italy. The top one was on a window, the middle on a door, and the bottom in an art school.

[Italy Taping]

Random Italy Tapetagging..

[Moosey Collab]

Expect to see this on tees and stickers soon...

[Deck Designs]

Two skateboard designs I did for Bristol Skates. Available soon.

[Vans shop - Pescara]

Artwork done with electrical tape on the front of the Vans Off shop in Pescara as part of the Stride festival curated by Millo.

Thanks to Alesandro Falco for the photos.

Prints now available online

People have been asking me where they can buy my prints, so now I've created a bigcartel 

Prints and originals available there. 

[Plan B Artwork]

The singer Plan B (Ben Drew) owns a charity called Each One Teach One. They held a charity auction at Shoreditch House of things 'money cant buy'. One of the lots was to have your portraits done by Matt Small, Millo, and Myself. The buyer decided to have Millo do his portrait, me do his girlfriends portrait and Matt to do his child's portrait. Above is my piece, made from electrical tape.

Thanks to Printspace for the materials and framing. And thanks to Plan B for tweeting a photo of my drawing :)

[Courthold Bar]

My friend is now the manager of the Courthold Hall bar so he asked me to go do some artwork there. Started drawing the top image but realised the lines were too thin so I took it off and drew the bottom piece.

[Angel In The Attic]

Recent collab with Angel In The Attic.

[NERO - Me/ Millo]


Me and My friend Millo decided to do a two person show at Hoxton Gallery in December.
For a whole month we were locked in my studio in Whitechapel painting for 14 hours a day sometimes. Every painting was a collaborative one. We were both super happy with how it went and the show was so busy the gallery extended the show for two more weeks.

A few paintings and prints are still available, email me at benjaminmurphy@live.co.uk, Millo at info@millo.biz or Hoxton Gallery at Kevin@hoxtongallery.com

BIG thanks to

Kevin Martin
Valentine Comar

Pete (A Rave Called Sharon) for spinning some tunes
Kojo for helping hang
Simon Kallas Photography
The Printspace
55 Pages
Rooms Magazine

And everyone else who helped out :)